A postive space for children who need extra learning support.

Children who need extra help with English and Maths, or who have dyslexia are well catered for. Lessons are informal and I make sure there is a lot of hands-on work because children who are struggling at school often need a different approach which uses their 5 senses to learn and  remember.

Parents Welcome!

Parental involvement is encouraged, after all, you are the world's leading expert on your child. If you have time, playing the games I send for homework, or helping your child use the resources I design, will enhance learning. However, if time is limited, please tell me and I will adapt homework so pupils can complete homework with minimal support. That is the beauty of individual online tuition, I can be as flexible as each pupil's learning requirements dictate.

Individual Learning Packages

Having studied any school reports or educational assessments available, I usually begin with an informal assessment to find where, precisely, your child needs input. This enables me to design a personalised programme of work to address the issues raised.

"Don't get in a tizzy - ask Lizzie!"

I use techniques such as multi-sensory learning, overlearning, repetition, visualisation and good old fashioned board games to help children have fun as they learn and encourage concepts to stick. I never mind having to repeat an idea or teach it in a different way, so long as I am helping children learn and grow in confidence.

Hands on Learning

Thinking children can’t do 'hands on' when learning online? Well, you can with me. We’ll use Play-Doh, blocks or Lego and things you have about the house, to enhance learning. Just because the teacher is online, doesn't mean children are staring at a screen and only using a keyboard.
Here’s an example of a data handling for beginners lesson – cutting and sticking onto our sorting chart: