The Eleven Plus

Unique Eleven Plus Course

The Eleven Plus syllabus I have created has taken many children successfully through the test and on to grammar school. It begins with an informal assessment, so I can see where in the programme is a good place to start. Each lesson is planned in advance and a step by step course designed to cover the rigorous standards required, with extra material to stretch those who want a challenge!

Bespoke Learning

As well as the set lessons I am always able to stop and concentrate on any aspects of learning a pupil may be struggling with, thus creating lessons tailored to the exact needs of each child.

Detailed Feedback

Parents can photograph homework and send it to be marked using WhatsApp or email. I carefully mark each lesson and give detailed feedback to help pupils improve their score. I also create individualised lessons that address specific difficulties in understanding to compliment the set syllabus.

Books and a Wide Range of Study Material

I use the Bond Eleven Plus series in lessons, which parents will need to purchase, but I also use worksheets that pupils can print off. This provides different fonts and question lay-outs so children are as prepared as possible for however the examiners decide to set out the test.

You may want to buy a lever arch file and dividers, as there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be organised so that your child can revise easily nearer the test.

...or fun rhymes to help remember things like the parts of speech:
Progress Monitored

There is a short test every 6 weeks so I can monitor how each pupil is doing and intervene with individualised lessons to address any issues arising.

Each Aspect Planned For

This is what part of my timetable looks like, with built in flexiblity to cater for each pupil:
A bit of silliness...

The Eleven Plus is hard work, with lots of homework, so every so often, I will find a bit of something silly to help remember formulae and make pupils smile...