Learning with Lizzie Online

We'll be using Skype  or and you can find me on:

"Elizabeth Manley" or Lizziemanley@hotmail.com (my photograph should come up on Skype)

I also teach on Messenger and you will find me under Lizzie Manley.

Parents are always welcome to sit in on lessons.

Before each lesson please make sure your child has the following:

1. Copies of the sheets I have emailed for the lesson,

2. Pen and paper.

3. Check your email or messages to see if there are any other requirements for the lesson.

4. A quiet place to learn at a table or desk. (Preferrably not in the kitchen if people are going to be in and out making tea or emptying the dishwasher - it can be very distracting!).

5. Have your child ready at the computer to start the lesson.

6. You will need a ring binder folder to put worksheets in, so it will be easy for your child to look through and revise what we have done.

7. If your child is using a wireless laptop, the picture will be clearer and audio better if they are sitting near the Wi-Fi router.

You can scan and email their finished work to me; otherwise, you can photograph it and send it to me via WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype. I'll mark it and return it within 5 days, with feedback and a plan to help with anything your child found difficult.

Do text or email if you have any concerns. If you want a chat and I am free, you can Skype Message or text; or just call me on:


Hope to see you soon.