About ME

Lizzie Manley N.N.E.B., B.Sc (Hons), P.G.C.E.

DBS certificate:
000948566423 19th Oct 19.
My name is Lizzie Manley and I work as an experienced primary tutor in Gloucester. I qualified as a primary teacher in 2009.

As well as my teaching  qualification, my degree is in cognitive and language development, so I know all about how children learn and how the brain works, which enhances the way I teach.

I have also completed short courses run by the British Dyslexia Association to keep my practice up to date.

I have worked with children since 1981, as a qualified nursery nurse, and  later as a residential social worker. I have also been a SENCo in school. I have been a foster parent and worked as part of a family finding unit for children in care.

I offer tutoring geared specifically to each pupil's needs, whether it's for the Eleven Plus, Common Entrance Exam, or if a child is falling behind in school and is getting discouraged. One to one tutoring enables me to focus on each pupil's individual requirements, so creating a solid foundation to compliment what they are doing at school. I do like to work in conjunction with schools and can help prepare children for up coming topics and subjects.

I also offer a preliminary screening service for dyslexia, which helps pinpoint specific learning needs and difficulties. It can also be used to ascertain whether a pupil needs to be put forward for a full assessment by an educational psychologist.

With regard to the Eleven Plus, I use a well structured syllabus with careful introductions to new concepts and ideas, making certain each stage of learning is understood before building on it. This ensures that the pupil is not placed under too much pressure. No one likes a house built on wobbly foundations!

I hope to see you on a screen soon!